We have photographed this family since 2015 and seeing and capturing the memories of this family growing is such a joy. The little ones are turning out to be amazing people and their mama never looked better (she needs to tell us her secret πŸ™‚ ) . They came back for the Love edition photo shoot, bringing their A-game and we were spoilt for choice since they are all extremely photogenic (mama was a model therefore it runs in the family), so today enjoy all the photos from this amazing family πŸ™‚ . Also check out this blog on their journey with us.

Make up by @rewas_glam.




WM_8Keep shining beautiful one, the world needs your light πŸ™‚WM_19

WM_18You are Loved for the boy you are, the man you will become and the precious son you will always be πŸ™‚WM_1

WM_17Ephesians 4:2 :Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. WM_14



WM_16….and she Loved a little girl very much..even more than she Loved herself. WM_21

WM_20I constantly go between you to be my baby forever and being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in life πŸ™‚WM_26


WM_24She may be quiet, but she’s a warrior and her prayers can move mountains.WM_23For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you πŸ™‚WM_22

WM_3I believe that God sent you intoΒ  my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there’s Love in this world, to give me hope and to bring me Joy. All the proof I need in God is in you, you are the gift from the Heavens.WM_12Kisses Fam πŸ™‚

What a beautiful family, may God continue expanding your boundaries.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace, Joy, Love.



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