Photography – Royal Frames Photography

Assistant – Ariff Kuppah

Model – Cremme Tha Chef

Joe is the true definition of cool calm and collected. I met him  a couple of years ago while studying photography at Photomagic school of Photography. He was the guy always willing to help other students learn. I have been his assistant  a few times and his passion for photography , attention to details and perfection helps create amazing memories for his clients. Along the way I learnt about Joe’s love for food in particular cooking, he doubles up as an amazing chef. I got a taste of his amazing food as we did this interview and I can tell you, it was extremely delicious. Read along and enjoy the photos.

In 3 words, describe Joe.

God fearing. Humble. Easy going. Conscientious.

joe_2How has your photography journey been?

The journey started way back when I was a kid. Back then, I used to be the family photographer.  In 2011, that’s  when I official discovered my passion in photography,  I then started Cremme Photography in 2012. I started with a  simple Nikon gear but along the journey I shifted to Canon  where I reside. I was lucky to have some mentors coming through like Muturi Kanini, Ben Kiruthi, Stephen Nderitu among others, meeting daily and interacting with  other photographers in the Photographers Association of Kenya. With the aim of capturing treasured moments, I based my photography to family. That means from wedding preparations, to weddings,  baby bumps, family shoots and family events.

joe_7Tell us about food…

My passion for food started way back in 2007. It was all instigated by always being glued on food channels and started  as curiosity. I gained so much  interest in learning  how to make different dishes and just wowing everyone who had a taste of my food. I then joined some food workshops just to actualize this new found hobby. I could go to peoples homes and cook for them and what I got was positive on positive feedback. This motivated me more to actually taking it up as a career. I always aim at making people enjoy cooking and present food in an appealing way aside from the traditional hipping of all food on one plate.

joe_13How has the cooking journey been?

Food is fun, we all need food to survive, thus we need to enjoy the process. Its not been an easy road though, I have encountered many flops here and there. Several chefs have played part in mentoring me through this journey and actually sharing knowledge wholeheartedly.

joe_8Worst food you’ve prepared so far…

Once I tried making cup cakes, so I put in  all ingredients without following guidelines, all I got was a finished product that looked like baked porridge.

What inspires you?

Passion. Positivity. On the other hand, I draw great inspiration in seeing growth in another person by motivating them to be better. Something else is seeing unity between family, friends, colleagues, tribes and all other levels of bonds in the society.

joe_12Favorite dish to prepare?

There’re so many. But just  to make it simple Lemon herb chicken in red wine mushroom sauce served with Parsley pepper potatoes and mango salsa.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I recently was stopped by a cop. Thinking I had broken some traffic rules or so, only for the cop to say the sun was too hot and he just needed some shade. So he asks me to park along the road. He then asks me to lend my soda and started telling me how hard their job is, challenges and the ups and downs 15 minutes later he goes back to work. 😂 😂 😂

cremme-5You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

First, it’ll depend on the nature of the elephant, is it wild or one that can be tamed. Is it fully grown or young. If its wild, I’d free it to nature where it belongs. If it can be tamed, I’d make a zoo for it. This can be attributed to situations in life. Depending on the nature. Some situations are best left for nature to take its course. Others you approach and tackle them depending on the magnitude.

cremme-1What things do you not like to do?

I don’t like doing things that do not add any positive value to me and the people around me.  I also dint find joy in wasting time, I love working with schedules and timelines.

cremme-2What do you stand for?

There are many things that I stand for in life, but all fall under an umbrella of positive, responsible and focused goals. Above all, I stand for Christ.

 What do you work toward in your free time?

Apart from taking a breather from work, I use my free time to discover more of Joe, how to better him, time is also used for spiritual growth. When I’m not doing that, I dedicate my time to making someone else better. I love and enjoy sharing and motivating people who need it.

joe_23What’s your most prized possession?

My mind. It’s the bank to all my possessions, talents, dreams, goals, visions and knowledge.

cremme-3If you were to go back in time, what would you change?

If I were to change anything, it’d be to have discovered my passions earlier. But everything works to a particular perfection of time.

cremme-7What next for Joe?

Having a background of food and passion for food, I have personal projects coming  up soon in relation to food. I am aiming at starting  a food blog in a different dimension that will encompass both food art and photography.  On the same note I’m also in the process of coming  up with an interactive fun foodies cook out program. This will be more practical lessons across the board to teach and share food knowledge.


We at Royal Frames Photography, wish Joe all the best in all his endevours.

…and it was a wrap with that delicious meal. It was amazing hanging out and having  a meal with Cremme the Chef and my awesome assistant Ariff Kuppah who also assisted with the concept.

Thank you for stopping by.

Peace, Joy, Love.



  1. Congratulations Cremme and I wish you all the very best in your endeavors. I should be your student one of these days


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